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We don't want you to be the person who takes attendance when the teacher is late, but we do want you to follow some basic rules around here, so this place is a little better than the rest of the Internets.

  • No spam. Don't advertise stuff, but also don't promote your own content here. That's lame.
  • Don't quote the previous post. These are threaded forums, we know what the previous post said because it's going to be above your own. When you do quote, trim it.
  • Avoid the annoying topics no one reads, like "Your top 10 blow dryers." You know the topic when you see it.
  • A difference in opinion is OK, but debate the opinion without attacking the person. Ad hominem is bad Eminem.
  • Use real language here. You're not pecking out a text to your BFF, so exercise your mad grammar skills.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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