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Jeff, I enjoyed reading your blog post about your 2020 playlist. I noticed you discussed several albums that were newly released for 2020, but were there any older albums you went back and maybe rediscovered or experienced for the first time that you really enjoyed?

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Actually, yes. I went back to Tears For Fears' Seeds of Love a number of times. "Badman's Song" on that album was pretty great, and I was lucky enough to see them (with Oleta Adams on keys) back in the day.

More recent and related, the first The Naked And Famous album is really much greater than I appreciated at the time, which I think was a decade ago now.

And the funny thing about that is that I'm just not that sentimental when it comes to music. I have my favorites, but I can't say that I actively listen to anything from high school on a regular basis.

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